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Global warming is a worrying phenomenon,and there have been many studies that show it is increasing at an alarming pace. Nations are now starting to look seriously at their carbon footprint and trying to find ways to reduce it. At an individual level too people are now looking for ways to reduce their personal carbon footprint. Cycling is one simple and effective alternative to fossil-fuel guzzling automobiles or other motorized vehicles. Especially for school-going children, cycling is not only an inexpensive and simple means of transport to school but it also encourages them to start thinking about important environmental issues right from an early age.

Loyola has abundant cycle parking space in the form of covered cycle-stands and the Loyola management actively encourages students to come to school on their cycles. An added benefit of cycling, apart from the ones mentioned above, is that the resultant aerobic exercise that children get every day also keeps them fit and healthy.

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